2014 EPC: Winners

  On January 15th, 2014, CER announced the winners of its Second Annual National Environmental Policy Competition. The winning team including Andy Zhang, Raymond de Oliveira, and Francesca Audia hails from Columbia University. The winners will take home a grand prize of $500, generously funded by PER. All 7 finalists presentations including the winners can be accessed on the CER Youtube Channel. KEEP READING >>

Prof. Michael Woodford: “Forward Guidance as a Tool of Monetary Policy”

Professor Michael Woodford talks as part of CER's Columbia Economics Forum on "Forward Guidance as a Tool of Monetary Policy." One of the most cited monetary economists of all time, Michael Woodford has been the recipient of MacArthur Genius Fellowship and the Deutsche Bank Prize in Financial Economics, and CER is very excited for the opportunity for him to come and speak to us! KEEP READING >>

Prof. Weiman: Wall Street v. Main Street

Professor David Weiman talks as part of CER's Columbia Economics Forum on "Wall Street v. Main Street in Historical Perspective: The Panic of 1907." A link to the lecture slides can be found here. Professor Weiman has been a member of the Barnard faculty since 2001. He specializes in 19th and 20th century U.S. economic history, the political economy of contemporary U.S. criminal justice policy, and the history of economic thought. His research focuses include economic history, political economy, U.S. criminal justice policy, and urban-regional development. Find out more about Professor Weiman's research here. KEEP READING >>