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The Columbia Economics Review Executive Board is selected each spring from a pool of dedicated journal team members through a rigorous application and interview process. The board meets weekly during the semester, and is responsible for making decisions about the direction of the journal as well as organizing events and competitons and maintaining and expanding our online presence. Each fall, we accept applications for new additions to our publishing, online, and operations teams from both new and current members.

Executive Board 2016 – 2017

Editor In Chief

Carol Shou

Carol is a senior at Columbia College studying Economics-Mathematics. Her main academic interests lie in public policy, economics, voting theory, and data analysis. Outside of the Review, she organizes Model United Nations conferences with Columbia’s International Relations Council and Association (CIRCA) and conducts research on judicial solicitation canons and contract law.
Executive Editor

Max Rosenberg

I am a Columbia College junior majoring in Economics-Mathematics. I’m interested in politics, monetary policy, and financial markets. In general, I’m definitely a news junkie. Feel free to reach out to me at mar2277@columbia.edu.
Executive Editor

Guillermo Carranza Jordan

I’m an international student from Peru, currently a sophomore at Columbia College majoring in Economics. I’m interested in international politics, identity issues, and all things economics. Also, travel, stand-up comedy, and dance.
Managing Editor

Manuel Perez Archila

Manuel is a junior at the School of Engineering majoring in Applied Mathematics and Economics. He has previously done research on natural language processing as a tool to understand monetary policy and central bank decisions. He currently works with the Uganda program of Engineers Without Borders and is studying the factors that affect loan repayment and the overall impact of microcredit in developing countries. He is also interested in political economics, machine learning and Latin American literature. You can get in touch with Manuel at manuel.f.perez@columbia.edu.

Ben Titlebaum

Ben is a sophomore at Columbia College from Bethesda, Maryland majoring in Urban Studies with a concentration in business. He is interested in politics, economics, food, and travel, and loves exploring New York in his free time.
Web Director

Evangeline Heath

Evangeline is a senior at Barnard College studying Economics-Mathematics with a concentration in data analysis & machine learning. She’s interested in apophenia, anthropological inquiry, and digital archive work. Her upcoming thesis investigates the visual & economic identities of global luxury boutiques using Instagram API tools. You can reach her at elh2163@barnard.edu.
Executive Director

Alan Lin

Alan Lin is a junior at Columbia College, studying Economics-Mathematics, potentially with a Concentration in Statistics. As Executive Director, Alan oversees the Columbia Environmental Policy Competition as well as Columbia University economics competitions, Columbia University high school essay competitions, and lecture series. He is interested in monetary policies and the Federal Reserve. Please feel free to email him at alan.lin@columbia.edu for any questions or concerns.
Design Director

Ojaswee Rajbhandary

I’m an international student from Nepal, currently a sophomore in Columbia College planning to major in Economics and Political Science. I am interested in economic development, international politics, and literature. Reach me at or2215@columbia.edu with questions, feedback or anything else that strikes your fancy.

James McCarthy

James is a sophomore at Columbia College majoring in Financial Economics and History. He is a native New Yorker and is interested in economic history, international politics, and financial markets. He can be reached at jmm2402@columbia.edu.